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All my life I have wanted to help others.

The discovery of EFT gave me a path,

and my years of training have provided the tools.


What is EFT?

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is commonly referred to as Tapping Therapy.

It is a tool that can shortcut the hard work of Talk Therapy.

EFT has been compared to many other healing systems.

After a decade of using EFT, I know the most important thing...



Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety have been treated with12 Step Programs supported by medication and Talk Therapy.

These supportive programs do not directly address

the causes of the destructive negative cycles.

To completely free ourselves of the issues that caused our addictions, depression, or anxiety, it is necessary to identify the experiences that created these negative cycles.

By learning to use EFT, you will be able to free yourself of the need to recreate or relive the past.

What to Expect

Our first session will be your chance to provide some background for context, and talk about your goals. By the end of the session, we will be able to create a plan to start you on the path to emotional freedom.

Our next session will present the mechanics of EFT. This will allow you to understand how Emotional Freedom Technique will change your state of being.

Going forward, we will practice the techniques, evaluate the results, adjust as needed, and heal. My goal is your satisfaction.

EFT Training

2016 Completed EFT Certification Training Levels 1 & 2 with AAMET Master Trainers Stefen Gonick and Laura Mazza Gonick

2016 Completed EFT Level 3 Mastery with AAMET Master Trainer Stefen Gonick  and Laura Mazza Gonick

2018 Additional EFT training with Laura Mazza Gonick

Started continuing education With Ruth Buczynski, PhD Licensed Psychologist; Founder and President of NICABM 

[National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine]

2020 Completed Advanced Master Program on Treatment of Trauma with NICABM 

2020 Completed Working with the Pain of Abandonment with NICABM

2022 Completed How to Work with Anxious Families with NICABM

I honestly can say, that without Gary's interaction, support, and belief in me as a person, I would not be who I am today- and for that I am eternally grateful to this man.
Mandy Fogle


EFT Assistance Scheduler

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